Teaching and Monitoring methods

  • Experinced teachers.
  • Faculties are Holistic, Good motivators, Commendableand creative.
  • The whole class is taught together.
  • The Key concepts of a lesson are listed and taught effectively(Intracting, oral work, written work & Group work).
  • Class time is used to build the solid foundation of knowledge.
  • The teaching method stimulate students by keeping them interested.
  • Homework encourages good work habits and enables us to assess how much children have understood and retained.
  • Our approach to homework is based upon a positive partnership between home and school enabling the child to make links between learning at home and school.
  • Relative to the subject, to test the skill of child, activity sheets are provided to enrich their knowledge of subject.
  • Regular testing is conducted in order to evaluate student learning.
  • The feedback from testing allows close monitoring and follow up.
  • Concentration to happy learners.
  • Happy learners are specially cared after school hours to make them achieve “they too can” Homework.