Partnership with Parents

Parents play a responsible role in the education of their children. Parents are always welcomes in school, and staff welcomes the opportunities to share thoughts and feelings about his/her way their children are developing. The school encourages parents to take part in everyday school life activities. Parent Teacher meeting are conducted periodically in order to receive feedback and valuable suggestions from the parents. As the world has become techno – savvy, svvs has parent portal, each parent is given user – id and password through which they can access their ward’s home work schedule, attendance, circulars, ect.

Child Protection

Education should give children the confidence to strive. With the right guidance and grooming, every kid has the potential to pursue excellence in life. SVVS believes in making a change in every student’s life. So, special attention is given for happy learners. In remedial class, we never discriminate or filter the child as every child is unique. We care enough to follow up every student, talked to parents, encouraged, convinced and coached until they catch up.

Home Contact System A form will be sent home at the beginning of each school year in which emergency contact numbers must be given. If any changes, parents are informed to report it immediately to the school office.

Disciplinary card

  • To make a change in every student’s life Disciplinary card is maintained by every student with their parent’s support.
  • If the students fall behind in their work, Follow up Record (Diary sign, Test note & absentees file) is maintained. They will be followed up, talked to parents, encouraged, convinced and coached until they catch up.