Partnership with Parents

Parents are always welcome in school, and staff welcomes opportunities to share thoughts and feelings about his way their children are developing. The school encourages parents to take part in everyday school life wherever possible in learning process. Parent Teacher meeting will be held at the end of each session. Parents, who want to find out about their children may call the school for an appointment.

Child Protection
Home Contact System A form will be sent home at the beginning of each school year on which emergency contact numbers must be given and returned to school. If any changes, parents are informed to report it immediately to the school office.

Etiquette of theSchool

  •     To make a change in every student’s life Disciplinary card is maintained by every student with their parent’s support.
  • If the students fall behind in their work,  Follow up Record(Diary sign,Test note & absentees file) is maintained.They will be followed up,  talked to parents, encouraged, convinced and coached until they catch up.