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Our Vision

  • To build the self esteem of the individual by praising and valuing achievements.
  • To value creativity and a sense that all have the potential to contribute.
  • To encourage individuals to be independent, imaginative and resourceful.
  • To equip individuals with the social and self-expressive skills for life.
  • Every child has an inherent talent; he only needs exposure and encouragement.

Our Mission

Endeavour to prepare each student for academic, social and personal, success by creating a community of empowered and diverse learners, striving to be globally minded citizens in an atmosphere of “mutual respect, understanding and trust”.


The school follows the CBSE curriculum with the medium of instruction being English while Hindi, Tamil and French are offered as optional subjects. At kindergarten and primary level,  XSEED programmes are followed to give your child astounding inception to his/her future education. Special Career Counselling events are held for senior secondary students by experts from different fields like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Science and Business.

Integrative Programs

Learning at SVVS lies beyond the four walls of the classroom. Since every child is unique we have partnered up with IMAX education to analyze every child and help them bring out his/her hidden talents, As Hindi being the widely used language in our country, Hindi Prachar Sabha certified exams are conducted in our school throughout the year. To produce College-ready students SVVS provides special certified Computer and Robotics courses of Bharathidasan University(SUITS) and AUTOBOT respectively.

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