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  • Best CBSE School in Coimbatore


  • Best CBSE School in Coimbatore



    The KG learning is filled with exciting materials that invite the children to learn joyfully and meaningfully. Children enjoy learning by experimenting with the activities.


    Raising the question of "Why" and "How" that build the confidence, self-learning of each subject. The day of primary classes enriches the imagination, collaborative and creative mind of each child.


    Classroom subjects are explored in an integrated way the curriculum of all the academic subjects as well as a variety of co-curricular activities that encourage creativity, aesthetics and adventure.


    The Secondary School includes children from ages 14-16 years and is divided into two sets, one covering Grades IX and X.The secondary level focuses on the life aspirations of a student.


    The Sr.Secondary school includes children from ages 16-18 years and is divided into two sets, one covering Grade XI and XII.The secondary level focuses on the life aspirations of a student.

    School Facilities

    Best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

    Smart Classroom
    Swimming Pool
    Indoor Games

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    Feedback From Happy Learners

    For me it was an amazing days of 12 years in svvs. There was a equal chance for learning and reviewing information. Our correspondent sir, Mr Somasundharam who was so skillfull,humble and passionate to us is the main reason behind the success of every student of svvs.

    Mahamithra J Designation

    Svvs is not only taught me the subjects or discipline,it has also taught me how to get into the society and face it's outcomes.They also highly sort out the students engrossment and take them in their way.


    This school have experience staffs that made me as a bright student now i have gud knowledge and got gud education from this school. This is the best school i read so far... šŸ˜ Now iam feeling hpy to be alumni of this school. Thank you With love -jijoe

    Jijoy Antony. T. J
    ASHOK & SARANYA Designation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does SVVS offer extracurricular activities to the children?

    It aims to develop individuals who are creative, collaborative,
    adaptable and resilient. The school’s program brings the best of curricular approaches to provide holistic teaching-learning
    experiences. Some of the activities and programs offered here include outdoor play, yoga, dance, music, Vedic heritage
    programs, theatre, etc.

    Why does SVVS come under the category of 10 Best schools in Coimbatore?

    SVVS follows a humanistic approach empowering students to discover the joy of learning,
    embrace challenges and use earth’s resources mindfully. Children learn through a journey of creativity,
    imagination and self-discovery, and develop as free human beings who bring purpose and direction to their lives.

    Is SVVS COVID safe?

    SVVS is one of the safest schools in Coimbatore,
    which strictly follows the Government laid protocols and SOPs related to COVID.
    Proper sanitation and cleanliness take place every day at the premises. Any individual who comes from the outside, is
    checked for their body temperature and is sanitized. Social distancing norms at the common areas such as office
    rooms are ensured. All the staff are vaccinated.