1M.Rehaneth BeeviM.A.,B.EdAcademic CoordinatorSecondary Academic Incharge, Trained by CBSE, Competency building program, CBSE Board work incharge, Trained in bringing up happy learners, Specialized in Admin work
2S.KumarMA.B.Ed.D.T.EdTamil FacultyAdopting different teaching techniques to teach the children, Skilled in preparing workbook.
3S.SivaranjaniM.B.A., B.EdComputer FacultyTrained by bharathidasan, Trained by I-Max, Spoken English .Regarding Students Counselling.
4B.NithyambigaiM.sc., B.EdMaths FacultyTrained by Ramanujum club[maths lab], Trained by I-Max and Person
5R.VinothiniM.A., B.EdTamil FacultyI am able to ring the poems well, I am able to mingle with all kind of students easily, I will work more dedicatedly, Very interested to coordinate the functions.
6Dipali D.NavgireM.A.M.EdHindi FacultyTrained in Hindi Grammer, Spoken Hindi
7B.SamundeswariMsc,B.EdBiology FacultyProduced many centum in science for X standard matriculation students, Produced 11th standard biology State Rank for Matriculation Student (2017-2018), I finished diploma in “yoga”and diploma in microbiology
8R.DineshM.sc.,B.Ed.,MathematicsGood in Mathematics ability to work in a team as well as separate, Trained in computer language and Basic Skills, Good Team Worker and Hostel Warden.
9K.Gangacharen KumarM.sc.,B.Ed.,PGT (Chemistry)I am able to clarity doubts from organic chemistry of all secures and motivate the students about Competitive exams like NEET,JEE.
10R.SumathiM.A.,B.Ed.,PGT(English)Worked as an Editor for school magazine, Motivating the students to attend competitive exams like IEO,NTSE,etc, Student Counselling.
11Sudipta.K.IndulkaM.A.,B.Ed.,PGT(History)Student Counseling, Ability to work in a group and individual, Trained the students for Software,NTSE etc…
12S.SaganaB.A.,B.Ed.,EnglishMotivate the students to attend the competitive Exam.(spell Bee,Indian Talent), String enough to teach the content, Ability to work as a team and an individual.
13R.DeepaM.Com.,B.A (Hindi)Hindi FacultyTrained in hindi sabha exam able to work as a team.
14S.BanupriyaB.sc (c.s),B.Ed.(c.s and maths)Maths facultyAble to mingle with small kids.Interested in Eloution drawing, Able to mould the children with moral values through stories, Interested to make the children do other activities.
15S.SyamalathaB.Lit & CLISLibrarianLibrarien may deal with provision and maintenance of Information in many formats.Including books and magazines and News papers.
16R.NithyaD.J.Ed.,B.A.,Mother Teacher for UKGTrained in X-Seed method of Teaching, Able to teach phonics to KG students with action, Interested in Arts & Crafts, Completed scout master training (Basic), Able to mingle with kids and play, Alility to teach writing for kids through patterns.
17S.SangeethaM.A.,B.EdTamilCommunication skill, Handwriting Knowledge, Pronunciation Practices
18T.V.PoornimaBsc.,B.Ed.,BiologyTrained by x-seed and I-max, Guide captain, Computer Knowledge –PGDCA, Hindi – Read and Write
19T.A.SindhuM.A.,B.Ed..,English FacultyCommunication Skill, Produced centum in English, CBSE Programmes attended, Student Counselling
20M.RevathyD.Ted.,B.A.,Eng Lit.,Mother Teacher for UKGInterested in Dance & painting, Trained in x-seed method of teaching, Able to teach phonics to KG students with action, Easy to mingle with students.