Code of Behaviour

  1. Wish your teachers and elders.
  2. Be punctual to school & all the other activities.
  3. Strictly follow the visiting hours/dates/days mentioned.
  4. Follow the dress code.
  5. Costly items, Jewels, electronic electrical gadgets are strictly prohibited.
  6. Cherish & eat the food served, be healthy and cheerful.
  7. Be positive & cultivate good manners.
  8. Converse only in English.
  9. Attend yoga and meditation
  10. Follow rules & regulation of the school
  11. Cloths without name tag will not be allowed(Swimming Dress)
  12. Non- veg food is strictly prohibited inside school permises.
  13. Keep your class, bags & surrounding neat & tidy.
  14. Develop right attitude towards your life.